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1405, 2015

My Thoughts on our Content Strategy

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I have to get back to basics. I must focus most of my time on building relationships with an ever-growing email list.

Right now I’m focusing a lot of time on social media and blogging. Which is great but it’s making me feel a little overwhelmed and not focused.

Frank Kern has a few go-to moves that work and he forgets about the rest. I’m not exactly like that because I actually want to build a successful publishing business. 

How am I going to get back to focusing on what matters most?

First, I’m not sure if content curation should be […]

1205, 2015

Planning Ahead of Tuesday 5/12/15

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Tomorrow I shall focus on…

Online (offline too but not nerely as much), it’s all about proof.

Prove to Google that you are worthy of its traffic.

Prove to visitors that they should listen to you, hire you, give you a second of their time, an ounce of their attention.

I also want to focus on Operation DS which is not directly about proof. But we can make it about proof if we use it to show prospective clients that we are way ahead of anything else they’ve seen on the market.

That part of SEO excites me more than anything because that’s the […]

705, 2015

Tomorrow’s Focus

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Add to the list:
… Add internal linking to
… Research As Seen On icons
… Spend time on JM’s site
… Delegate Power Search (incentivize?)
… Complete Solutions pages
… SEO for legal directories page

How are we going to get in front of hundreds of firms with 5 or more attorneys, and preferably a Marketing Manager, in the shortest amount of time possible? 

I sort of already know the answer.

Keep doing what you’re doing.

Is tweeting every hour worth the effort?
If our goal is to build a huge, responsive Twitter following, then yes it is.

But our goal should be to build our email list as […]

605, 2015

6 Words That Define Nick Kringas – Work in Progress

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Socratic, Cause and Effect, If – Then
Idea Man
Future Focused



The last two still need refining.

605, 2015

Daily Journal Entry

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Today was a good day.

I exercised by playing basketball for almost 2 hours. I wrote for most of my working hours. I saw my kids and Stacey. I took a nap.

I listened to The Charge by Brendon Burchard on Audible. What would I do without Audible? I have “read” ten times the books I would have read with physical copies.

I published a new page on called Recovery from Google Penalty or Devaluation. This is one of our Solutions pages. So far we have this one, Mobile-Friendly Websites, Blogging, Website Architecture (On-Page Optimization), and our Platinum Client Program page.

That leaves Target […]

505, 2015

Monday Recap and Tuesday Goals

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Today I published a new page on for our Mobile-Friendly Law Firm Website Solution (making existing law firm websites mobile friendly and designing brand new websites that are mobile-friendly).

I also published a page about our Blogging Solution here.

Right now it’s in the top navigation under Solutions but it’s more of a native ad article than a Solutions page.

I started driving Twitter traffic to this page via promoted tweet. This is my first time using the service. I’m curious to see how it works out.

I’m in a competitive market right now, I understand that. And we are the new kid […]

405, 2015

It’s a New Week – Top Priorities

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This week, May 4 – 8

Finish all individual solutions pages for
Finish Soap Opera Series.
Run ads to Free Report.
Identify Dream 100.

Meeting at NT.
Eat dinner together 3 times, at least.

Go to the golf range twice, at least.
See Avengers in IMax 3D.
Exercise 3 times, at least.
Meditate 3 times, at least.
Free – write every day.

3004, 2015

Recap of My Day

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I finished an excellent content piece to promote our LawBlogr solution.

It has a list which is always good.

It provides great value.

The list is a list of benefits that actually sold me on the service.

It’s a common problem in the market.

Everyone knows the benefits. These simply build on that knowledge.

The benefits almost agitate the problem because they already know they should be blogging but they will never do it.

By the end they will be thinking, “If only someone could do this for me with the same quality as if I did it myself.”

And that’s when I […]

3004, 2015

What shall I focus on?

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Make progress on Attractive Character.

Complete and publish 1 solutions page on AL.

Analyze AL financial reports.

Delegate link opportunity analysis.

Oversee site network maintenance, get it back on track.

This Week
Complete all Solutions pages and move on to Soap Opera Series.

Meet with TD before his trip. He’s leaving May 5th.

See Avengers Age of Ultron and Pacquiao v. Mayweather.

Hit the golf range once.

This Quarter (ending June 30th)
Have fully functional sales machine at AL. Including:
– Individual Solutions Pages
– Soap Opera Series
– Squeeze Pages (all types)
– Ads on major platforms
– Retargeting setup everywhere
– FB Retargeting running
– Personally focused on blogging using Seinfeld style and emailing list at […]

3004, 2015

A quick recap of my day

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Finished writing sales copy and published pages here and here.

Talked to Sofia about an issue she is having with two girlfriends. She is 6 and so aware of what’s happening around her.

Had a team meeting at Niko’s. The restaurant is heading into a very busy season and my parents need my guidance.

My top priority right now is getting ApricotLaw’s sales system fully operational with complete value ladder, sales pages, emails, bait, proof, etc.

Anything that falls outside of this focus must be delegated.

I am listening to Exponential Organizations on Audible and listening to/working through the DotComSecrets Book and supplemental information.  […]