my favorite twitter toolsI am no Twitter expert but for the past month or so, I’ve been on there a lot because it’s fun and because it’s a great source of traffic to my blog.  You also meet some great people and learn a lot so what’s not to love.

Perry Belcher said that social media is like a party. Don’t go to the party looking to peddle your stuff, just look to have fun and if you have a good enough time, chances are good that people will be curious to know what you do and maybe even come over (visit your blog) to get to know you better.

Keep in mind, I think that a completely automated approach is a waste of time.

Things quickly change online, as you know, but there are three Twitter tools I can’t live without right now.

They will help you meet like-minded people, save you some time, find out what everyone is talking about in your industry, and get you more followers quickly.

Here’s what you need:


free twitter tools

This website I discovered last week when I wanted to get in on a Twitter chat called #smallbizchat.  It is a group discussion organized by @smallbizlady where everyone gets together once a week to discuss a popular topic in the small business world.

Every week there is a guest expert that gets to answer the host’s questions and you can either passively watch or, to get the most out of tweetchat, jump in and participate.

On, here’s how to get started and my thoughts:

  • sign up for a free account
  • search for the hashtag (topic) you want to discuss
  • when you hit submit, the hashtag automatically gets attached to your tweet
  • If an organized, scheduled chat is going on, the tweets will be happening fast so you can slow down the refresh rate and hit pause if you would like to respond to someone specifically.
  • To gain followers, get to the discussion early and make friends.
  • From someone’s tweet, you can follow them, retweet, or reply directly to them.

It’s really cool.

The best part is that if you say something interesting, your tweet will get retweeted multiple times in a matter of minutes and your profile will display on the timeline of thousands of people instantly.

That’s how you get a ton of followers. Not only will the people involved in the chat follow you but their followers will also follow you, even if they are not involved, because of the retweets.

Have you used What chats are you involved in?  Leave me a comment.


simple twitter app

The Buffer App

Their motto: Be Awesome on Twitter.

This is an application I use on my Android bit you can also use it online or on your iPhone, if that’s what you have.

This is a semi-automated Twitter tool that like because of its simplicity.

You ever notice that it can be annoying if you send a dozen tweets back-to-back in a matter of a few minutes?

Not only do your followers not like when you hog up their timeline but your tweets only hit their timeline that one time then quickly get buried by other people’s tweets.

Different people are on Twitter at different times so one benefit of the Buffer App is that it sends you tweets through in spread out intervals throughout the day.

All you have to do is load your “buffer” with tweets and the app will send them at the times you specify in your settings.

If you want to send something right away you can hit “send now” or if what you are sharing is not so time sensitive you can “add to buffer” to tweet at the next open time slot.

The app will also suggest quotes for you to tweet if you need inspiration.

That’s about it. Nice and simply.


justunfollow twitter tool

I only use this site for one thing. To unfollow people that don’t follow me back.

After I follow someone I give them a few days to follow me back. Otherwise, I head over to and by clicking one button, quickly find out who I follow that don’t follow me back.

With the free version, you can unfollow up to fifty people per day, which should be more that enough.  After you have a few thousand followers you will be attracting followers without having to follow that many yourself, anyway.

The obvious benefit of this site is keeping your following to follower ratio at a healthy, authority level.

Lower Following : Higher Followers = More Authority

More Following : Less Followers = Less Authority

Keep your following number at the same or less than your follower count using this simple tool.

A Few Bonuses

Places to find good content to tweet.

Google alerts
Other tweeps, meaning find people on Twitter that always share good content and follow them.  This way you always can retweet their stuff.

Comment, share with us.
Which Twitter tools are your favorites?