This post is broken down into two sections and gives you three different options for your link building efforts.  Certainly, if you are serious about achieving higher Search Engine Rankings, one of these options will be a good fit for you to use right away.

Let’s break it down.

Completely Done-For-You SEO Services

A done-for-you, one way link building service is great because let’s face it, search engine optimization is a full time job for most keywords.  With that being said, that is also why link building services are so expensive.  Well, the good ones are expensive.  Unfortunately, you cannot get an effective, hands-off service for cheap.

All effective SEO companies will have three things in common.They will focus on building links because, of course, they are the most important factor in how sites get ranked.

  • They will create new links to your site consistently because stop and go type link building will cause Google to think that you are only trending or even worse, that something shady is going on.
  • They will send a variety of links to a variety of pages on your site so that your optimization efforts look like a natural occurrence.

So, I think you can see why a good link building service will cost you some money on a monthly basis.

Our company, SEO Spartan, provides 4 different packages, all of which are based on 10 chosen keywords.  Which plan is best for you depends on the competition of your keywords.

The highest plan, for most national keywords, requires an investment of a 4000 dollar setup fee and 2000 monthly.

The lowest priced plan is for 10 low competition keywords, usually with a town or city name attached, and requires a monthly investment of 247 per month.

The first step in getting started with SEO Spartan’s done-for-you SEO service is choosing the ten keywords that are best for you and then having us analyze which level of service would be required to rank on page one for those keywords.

If you don’t mind doing a little work, I would recommend getting into SEO on your own at first so that when you do hire a company like SEO Spartan, you will know if they are doing a good job for you or not.

Automated Software that Requires Some Work but Saves You Some Dough

Here are two one way link building services that I love to use, just about daily.  They both cost around 150 usd per month and are extremely powerful.

1. SENuke X is the all one software.  If you were to use only one tool, this would have to be the one becuase of all the things that it does for you.  The biggest benefit is that the software goes out and generates every type of link you can think of so that things look most natural.  It does require some common sense when using but that goes for all powerful SEO tools.

2. SEO Link Monster is the brand new blog network created by Brad Callen, who has been bringing you quality services like these for years.  This is a huge network of blogs that need content.  So you create the content and then it automatically gets picked up by up to 14 different high quality sites every day.

With up to three links in each piece of content, that means that each article you syndicate can go out and fetch you 42 links per day on autopilot.  That’s over 1200 new links each and every month PER ARTICLE, for as long as you keep the article in the queue.

The two best benefits of using SEO Link Monster are 1. you do the work one time and the system continues to get you new links forever and 2. the links are coming from Google’s most trusted source, in the content of high quality blogs.

If you have any questions about the resources discussed above, leave a comment and I will do my best to respond personally.

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