Affiliate Marketing a.k.a. selling other people’s stuff online.

Like so many others, when I got started in Affiliate Marketing I was going about it blindly trying whatever came to mind at the moment.  Obviously, that’s not much of a business strategy.

I did make some progress, it turns out, but it was slow and painful.  This type of progress will make you doubt yourself and if affiliate marketing or making money online would every work out for you.  Remember, money loves speed.

I then bought and worked very hard on an excellent course called Super Affiliate Marketing Masterclass.  The reason I like this training course so much is that they break down the process of making money online through Affiliate Marketing into 8 easy to follow steps.  It’s as if they have found through their own trial and error what works and what doesn’t and after years of successes and a bunch of failures, have streamlined the process, cut all the fat, or all the low productivity tasks, leaving only the steps that will get you to your first dollar online the fastest.

The reason I decided to buy this course rather than all the other Affiliate Marketing courses out there was because I had purchased James Schramko’s Traffic Grab training about a year prior and thought that James had to be one of the most over-delivering Internet marketers out there.  His courses are one-tenth the price of many other courses and usually provide better educational material.  I am a big fan of James’.

Even the story of how the course came into existence is interesting.  Access the course sales video here: