When choosing an automated back link generator, there are really only two types to choose from.  There are tools that are completely automated and there are tools that are just short of completely automated – like 95%.

Of course, the decision on which one to use comes down to your preference and the value you place on creating your own unique content.

Let me explain.

Tools like SENuke X and Brute Force EVO2 are fully automated pieces of software that perform many different link building methods for you.  You don’t even have to write your own content if you don’t want to because they will scrape articles from article directories, piece multiple pieces together into one and then spin the article for you into hundreds of different versions.  These tools are very powerful, as you can imagine.

Also in this category of 100% automated are services like Fiverr.com and Directory Maximizer.  Fiverr.com is not used exclusively by Internet Marketers but you can pay someone $5 to get you .edu and .gov backlinks.  Directory Maximizer will list your site in as many as 1500 free website directories for about 14 cents each.  Not the best links and not as useful as SENuke or EVO2 but they are 100% automated so they had to be mentioned.

The other type of back link generator is known as a SEO link network or a blog network.  There are a number of very good networks that you can join and after you write content and use a spinner to manually create new versions of that content, you can then post that content to the network and it will do the rest of the work for you.  It only uses one type of link getting method – high authority blogs – but there are two huge advantages to using these over using a fully automated tool.  I don’t know how they do it, but these networks will publish your content and generate links for you forever or until you take the article out of its queue.  Also the blog networks give you the highest quality links that give you the biggest quickest boost in search engine rankings.  My favorite such network, in case you were wondering, is the new SEO Link Monster.

There you go.  You now have a choice in which back link generator to use but let me warn you, the more you mix up the types of links you generate pointing to your website and web pages the better.