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Nick’s Rating 4 out of 5


For all that this tool does for you, it was very hard not to give it a perfect rating of 5 out of 5.  The only reason it missed the perfect score was frankly, because it is a little too powerful and in my humble opinion, doesn’t do enough to train the beginner on how to use it responsibly without getting their site banned by the search engines.

Let me explain.

The training videos do a great job explaining how to use the tool and the wizard to get hundreds, even thousands of backlinks to one’s “money site” without mention of caution at all.

Jeremy Ashburn, the guy who created the training material, explains exactly how to create links from places like forum profiles, social bookmarking sites, and social media status updates in order to improve your search engine ranking very quickly.  To his credit, he does show how to point links to other links and not always directly to your money site but doesn’t say why this is important.  I guess SENuke is not for beginners, but for people who have a good understanding of what they are trying to achieve from their link building efforts ahead of timeand have at least, some experience with search engine optimization.  I guess you can’t fault these guys for assuming their target market knows what they are doing.


On a more positive note, this tool saves you hundreds of hours, probably cutting your work load by 80% or more.  Listen to all it does.

  • Create new email addresses for you
  • Create hundreds of profiles all across the web; filling in the registration forms, solving the Captcha codes and verifying the email addresses
  • Uses The Best Spinner or it’s Free built in version to create hundreds of unique versions of your content
  • Syndicate your unique articles to dozens of article directories
  • If you don’t want to write the content yourself, it will download multiple articles for you and then combine them and spin them, generating a surprisingly good piece of unique content
  • Social bookmark your webpages
  • Create social media status updates
  • Create links in your forum profiles
  • Create links pointing at your new links, for link boosting
  • Index your new links
  • Schedule link building over time, alternate anchor text and money site URLs to make things look natural
  • In depth keyword research, telling you how hard it will be to rank for a phrase, not just the number of searches it gets

Final Analysis

For an expert tool this one is fantastic and probably should be rated 5 out of 5.  If there was only one SEO tool you were going to subscribe to, SENuke X would have to be it.

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