The PR, or quality, and the number of the sites linking back to you is without question the most important factor in how well you rank in Google.

It is also well known in the Internet Marketing community that Article Directories have been the best free place to get these high quality links for years now.

These are the best places to submit your written content, listed in order of highest to lowest PageRank.

  1. Suite 101
  2. Ezine Articles
  3. Article Base
  4. Isnare
  5. Self Growth
  6. Buzzle
  7. American Chronicle
  8. Search Warp
  9. Article City
  10. Idea Marketers
  11. Article Alley
  12. Go Articles
  13. Amazines

Here is the catch

After the Google Panda update, going out and submitting the exact same article to a bunch of different article directories does not work. They closed this loophole because there were too many sites competing for spots in their results pages with the exact same content. In terms of user experience you can see how this is not good for the end user because after searching for something and finding the same garbage listed multiple times on page one, that person would get frustrated and go to Bing or Yahoo to search. Google does a great job of ensuring people don’t game the system.

They have made it harder to get tons of backlinks for the same article, but not impossible. The work-around is to use what is known in the industry as a spinner. The most popular spinner at the moment is called The Best Spinner. This little piece of software that costs about $77 per year will provide variations of words in your article so that every time you hit “spin” it will shoot out a unique article with different variations of words and sentences.

That’s how you get around Google Panda. For now, it works but Google is always changing things around once people figure them out.