The Greatest Feature is Hidden and Often Overlooked

and without it the software is worthless!

The most important part of search engine optimization is keyword research.  Most people first getting started in SEO will understand the process of improving a site’s rank and they will actually go out and build good links.  The problem, and I was certainly guilty of this at the beginning, is that they attempt to rank for the first phrases that come to their mind.

Think about it, when you first think of keywords that you want to rank for, aren’t they always general, very high competition terms like “real estate,” “restaurant” or “car insurance?”  You can do every thing right, but if you start off by going after terms like these, you will get frustrated because you will not see any results in a reasonable amount of time and you will quit.

Good thing I stuck around long enough to figure this out.  I was banging my head against a wall for months building thousands of links to sites and only showing up in the search engines for related terms that I was not specifically optimizing for.

This is the best, probably most overlooked feature of SENuke X.  This link building software is mostly known for just that, building links.  Whether you’re using software or submitting content and generating links manually, what good are links if you are optimizing for the wrong terms, right?  One day, I stumbled across this module of the software, soft of accidentally, and actually got really excited.

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I figured it would just give me the amount of searches that a particular phrase gets monthly like the free Google External Keyword Tool.  Yes, the Google tool tells you the amount of competition but it only says Low, Medium or High.  What does that mean?  I never understood if Medium was too competitive a level to go after and the Low Competition keywords are awful with NO traffic.  I think Google skews this information anyway in order to sell Adwords.  The tool ain’t free for nothin’!

So, the cool part about SENuke’s Keyword Analysis is that it takes the same info from Google but then gives you its own difficulty rating based on the number of other websites that show up in the results for that term.  If a term produces, let’s say 450 results in Google, SENuke will tell you the term is an Easy! one to rank for.  On the other hand, if a term produces 246,000 results it will tell you Don’t Waste Your Time.

Now all you have to do is continue looking until you find a keyword that gets a decent amount of searches and has a Low Difficulty Level in SENuke X.  This feature alone has been worth the price of the software for me.  Last week I found a keyword that gets over 90,000 searches per month and the difficulty rating was Easy! with only 500 other sites competing for the same phrase.  By the way, the same keyword showed a Competition Level of High in Google’s KW Tool deterring many people from going after it.  I think this happens because Google bases their Competition Level on the number of searches, not the number of results fighting for the phrase.

The keyword was obviously not a direct buying keyword but the people searching for it will be interested in my free report so I should see a good number of those people decide to give their email address in exchange for the report.

For More Info Visit the SENuke X Sales Page