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Key Take-Aways from October 2011 No BS Marketing Letter

By |October 16th, 2011|

Dan Kennedy’s newsletter comes in the mail once a month and I can’t wait to get at it and comb through it for gold nuggets to be used in my life.
Let’s get right to the key points to remember from the October 2011 issue.
Google using direct mail to attract new customers. Doesn’t that tell you something when even the company that dominates, owns the internet doesn’t use the internet exclusively for their marketing?
Recent issue of Target Marketing pointed to a study that showing that young adults do, in fact, respond better to print.
Do what works not what […]

The Goal of All Business Activities

By |October 11th, 2011|

With everything you do in business, growing your list, your herd, should be your top priority.
You don’t gain a customer to make a sale, you make a sale to gain a customer. 

Big difference.

How many businesses do you know that don’t even have a customer list?  That is the recipe for fleeting success, roller coaster sales, not lasting, perpetual, repeat business.

If you are not collecting fans, followers, subscribers, opt-ins…. start now, latest tomorrow – I’ll give you tonight to think it over 😉

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When Not to Send Postcards

By |September 28th, 2011|

From Dan Kennedy’s Book The Ultimate Sales Letter, 4th Edition
“As a general rule, I like using postcards for consumers, not business-to-business (where there are gatekeepers ruthlessly trashing “B-pile” mail); for  simple offers; and when communicating with people where a relationship is already established, rather than with new prospects.”
Marketers are tempted to use postcards because they are the cheapest way to test and to farm but when you factor in how many are thrown out by “gatekeepers,” it might actually be cheaper to send FedEx where you know the package will be opened and taken seriously.
Yes, I said FedEx
and Yes, I know […]