Today was a good day.

I exercised by playing basketball for almost 2 hours. I wrote for most of my working hours. I saw my kids and Stacey. I took a nap.

I listened to The Charge by Brendon Burchard on Audible. What would I do without Audible? I have “read” ten times the books I would have read with physical copies.

I published a new page on called Recovery from Google Penalty or Devaluation. This is one of our Solutions pages. So far we have this one, Mobile-Friendly Websites, Blogging, Website Architecture (On-Page Optimization), and our Platinum Client Program page.

That leaves Target Keyword Pages Solution and Law Firm Web Design. The former I will do tomorrow and the latter I will wait on Liz and Tom for. Law Firm Web Design may have to wait until we redesign the entire website.

I may go back and turn each page into 2 separate pages. One can be an article that we use as a native ad and the other can be the to-the-point Solution page.

When I’m finally done with the individual Solutions pages (not sure why I always capitalize Solutions), I can turn my attention to our Attractive Character story and writing the Soap Opera Email Series that will go to everyone as soon as they subscribe to our list.

There is so much I’d like to do. I want to create a professional Podcast so I can interview our Dream 100.

For the rest of this week, here is what I’d like to focus on.

… Get social share buttons on pages of But I need to be able to turn them off for most pages, or rather turn them on for the few pages I want them on.

… Keep pushing – finish publishing the ApricotLaw Solutions Pages.

… Write Soap Opera Email Series.

… Delegate finding power. Add value to clients. Create value-add list for each client.

… Put more proof on our website.

For this quarter, here are my priorities.

… Start split testing everything and getting the most out of our traffic.

… Get everything out of the way so I can focus on building relationships with an every growing list of attorneys and marketing directors.

… Give a ton of value to our clients.

… Identify Dream 100 and start to build relationships.

I Started to Learn a New Skill: Twitter Ads

Here were my two promoted tweets for today. I’m pretty sure the average cost per click worked out to be about $4. Paying for each visitor forces me to get my stuff in order before spending money so that I maximize return on investment and avoid wasting money.

For the above tweet, I tried to fit law firm websites into the headline but couldn’t figure out how to do it without the hashtag. I’m pretty sure a bunch of the engagement on the tweet came from people clicking the hashtags and not the link to the post, not good. 

For this tweet, I need a different angle. It doesn’t address the main problem, it kind of skirts around the issue. Lawyers know they should be blogging. They don’t want to hear, “You should be blogging” anymore. 

Instead, we need to focus straight on the done-for-you aspect of our services. We should at least test these approaches.