This post should also be called Only Do What You Love and Be the Best at It.

Since December 21st, 2011, I’ve been working almost 100% on my internet marketing business and have not worked in my family’s restaurant at all.

As you can imagine, my father is a little annoyed with me because he has these plans in his head of me taking over his role at the restaurant over the next couple years.

Personally, I couldn’t be happier. I get to see my wife and children more, I eat dinner with them which I know makes my wife super happy, and I am spending all of my time doing something that I absolutely love which is building websites and more specifically driving traffic to those sites.

I am actually working more now than I ever have before in terms of number of hours per week, but it doesn’t feel like it to me because time has been flying.

I still do work for the family restaurant, just not physically at the restaurant.  We now have a new website based on WordPress so that any of us can easily update the menu and upcoming events.  I’ve been wanting to change the site over to WordPress for a few years now but haven’t found a theme that I liked until now.

All these years I’ve been hanging on to a paycheck as a crutch and security blanket keeping me from pursuing my dreams.  I also never really knew what my passion was until recently so that didn’t help.

You know what they say, follow your heart and the money will follow.  So far so good but I will definitely keep you posted.