The number of high quality back links is the greatest factor to how well you will do in the search engines and subsequently how much free traffic they will send your way. Everyone knows that it is the number and the quality of websites linking to you that makes all the difference, but 1. what makes a website high authority and 2. how do we get these seasoned, trusted sites to link to us?

Sites with high authority that provide the highest quality links are sites that have been around for a while and have a PageRank, the higher the better. In order to develop a higher PageRank these sites usually have a lot of pages indexed and always have good links pointing to them. More often than not, these high authority sites are blogs that are updated often. Google, Yahoo and Bing give the links pointing to you from these sites the most credit.

So, how do we get links from these types of sites? Unfortunately, and you may not like this answer, you have to pay for them. I know, it’s sleazy but good luck trying to go out there manually and build links from high authority sites, one at a time.

SEO Link Monster was created by the Callen Brothers and Dori Friend who have been doing this for a very long time. In the Internet Marketing world they may as well have been doing this for a hundred years. They created a network of thousands and thousands of blogs that they own and control and in the eyes of Google have no relation to one another. They also build up the authority of these blogs in order to give us only high quality links.

Don’t ask me how they do it because I have no idea. All I know is, you give them an article and they distribute it to 14 sites a day in their network for as long as you keep the article in the queue. That’s a bare minimum of 98 links a week pointing to any page on your website that you choose. You can easily generate over a thousand high quality back links each and every month using this service. Trust me folks, this will help you rank for ANY keyword you want, without question.