SEO is a moving target, on a good day, and I consider it an art. I cannot guarantee you a certain number of links per month and here’s why.

Everything in search engine optimization is about naturally building links to White Hat sources because you can’t spam your way to success here. We have to do this right for you to protect your website from harm.

However, what you are paying for is to rank for specific, predetermined keywords. That’s all that matters. Frankly, what does it matter how many links you have pointing to your website if you are in the top ten for all ten of your keywords, generating more traffic to your website than you ever have before?

What you pay monthly for is to make sure your website is highly trusted by the search engines and most importantly, to rank on page one organically for specified keyword phrases. Furthermore, choosing a higher plan does not guarantee you more backlinks either. You will get more, naturally, but what determines which plan you should choose is the quantity and quality of other sites fighting for the same keywords.

Visit our Monthly Search Engine Optimization Plans and once you have a good idea of what you want to do, give me a call. If it goes to voicemail, I will do my best to get back to you personally. 914 552 8103 – Nick