How to check website traffic is a question everyone has at some point in their online career because you need to know how you match up to other sites in your industry and more importantly, you want to see if people are reading and responding to your content.

My favorite way is by using the Jetpack for plugin for your self-hosted site.  Once you install the plugin it will ask you to connect it to your site.  If you don’t have one you can sign up for free at

Once you connect the two, you will begin seeing how many website visitors you have by day, week and month.  You will also see where those visitors came from; if applicable, which search engine phrases your visitors found you with; and which links in your content were clicked.

The other tool that digs even deeper into website visitor intelligence is Google Analytics.  Create your account for free at  You will also need a plugin for your WordPress site.  My favorite is ultimate Google Analytics.  All you have to do is register your site in your GA dashboard, get the code that usually begins with UA, and copy and paste that code into the plugin.  After you configure the plugin then you can go back to your Analytics dashboard and see your in depth visitor stats.

These are my two favorite tools.  You can also use or but these only show estimates for more seasoned, popular sites.  I hope this answered your question of how to check website traffic.  Leave a comment and kindly share this post with your social followers.