A question I get all the time after someone finds out that links are the most important factor in Google’s ranking formula generally boils down to how to get a back link.

In this post I will NOT get into, literally, how to get a link and what string of html code to use to link words to a URL.  If that’s what you’re looking for, there is another blog post on this site that can help you.

Over here: http//www.nickkringas.com/how-to-link-build

Here, we’ll discuss the best way in which to get links in order to minimize your effort and maximize your results.  The most effective way to get a link pointing to your site is to create great content and to post that content to directories that need it.  You see, there are people all over the English speaking world that need content and cannot write it themselves for whatever reason.

That’s where you come in.

If you can write an article on your subject of approximately 500 words, you can get links all day long.  The good thing is that you don’t need to write one article in order to get one or two links.  Although, not as easy as it used to be before Google’s Panda update when you could take the same article and distribute it without changing a word to hundreds of different article directories.  Now you have to complete one more step, which is to spin the article into hundreds of variations using inexpensive software like The Best Spinner.

However, syndicating by hand, after you have spent your time writing would be impossible.  Thank God there are tools like those you see advertised in the sidebar.  I use them and so should you.  There is no other way to compete in the search engines.

I hope this quick lesson on how to get a back link has been helpful.  If so, share it with your friends on Facebook and Tweet it to your followers.  Thank you in advance!