You want more traffic to your blog or website?  Here’s how.  This technique is the fastest, easiest way to get free targeted traffic to your site.  There is nothing to even buy, this is pure gold that will help you in your daily efforts.

Although there are tons of ways to get people to visit your blog, I like free traffic so let’s talk about search engine optimization and let’s talk about a specific type of SEO.

Most people go out and try to optimize for terms that are too broad and even if you are link building every single day, will still take you months or more to rank for.  The key to ranking quickly and, therefore, to getting traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing quickly – I’m talking about days – is to focus on keywords that are long-tail, 4 word phrases minimum.

Even if you are not doing any link building, by putting these long tail keywords in the URL, title, first and last sentence and in the tags of your blog posts, you will see results right away.  I can’t guarantee you that you will rank for all your keywords as soon as you hit publish but you will rank for some.

Tweet each post, like and share them on Facebook and if you’d like, make a short video telling YouTube viewers what they will learn if they read your new posts and don’t even worry about your Google ranking because you will get more people to visit your blog.  There is no way you won’t!

Write multiple blog posts a day on your favorite long tail keywords that get the most traffic and thank me after you see an immediate spike in traffic.  This is the best answer I have so far on how to get more blog traffic.