There are hundreds of different ways to get more website hits but in this blog post I will discuss my favorites that seem to be reliable year in and year out.

First off, let me start out by saying that getting more visitors to your website will be infinitely easier if you have at least a few hundred pages or posts on your site.  The search engines love content and the sooner you give them what they want, the sooner they will send you more free traffic.

When I am pushing hard for more traffic, in order to promote a new product as an affiliate, for example, I am writing three, five, and sometimes ten new blog posts every day.  If you have a static site without a blog, I suggest you get yourself a WordPress blog right away.  It’s just easier to create new content on the fly and the search engines love and trust blogs.

So what should you write about?  Choose long tail keywords with a few hundred or even a thousand monthly searches that also have less than a thousand other sites competing for them.  To find these long tail keywords of four words or more, use Google’s free External Keyword Tool.  The key to more free traffic from the search engines with the least amount of effort is the long tail keyword.  Stay away from competitive keywords, they will get you nowhere.

Next, every time you write a new post on one of your keywords tweet it to your followers, share it on Facebook and create a quick video announcement using screen-capture software to post to YouTube.  I stole this traffic technique from a famous Internet Marketer and it works great.

After sharing each post you will need to start getting incoming links to each and every post.  Ways to get links are discussed throughout this site.

We haven’t discussed paid traffic because you should start out with these steps that won’t cost you any money at all.  If you like traffic generation and want to start spending a little money on ads and software that can help you, you will have a good foundation to build upon.  This was a simplified overview of how to get more website hits but there’s no need to complicate things, just get started.