Today we will not discuss how to build a metal chain to secure a bicycle to a fence post.  The type of links we are talking about are hyperlinks that point back to your website or to any website that you want to give a boost to in the search engines.  If you don’t know what a web link is you can visit another blog post on this site entitled, What is a Back Link?

Building a Link with HTML Code

If a website accepts HTML code, here is the string of code you need to use to link text to another website address.


In this case, the words TEXT YOU WOULD LIKE TO LINK TO will become an active link that you can click on to bring you to  Sometimes simply entering the web address beginning with http:// will automatically link to that site and you don’t need to use the entire string.  As you will soon discover, there are times that you prefer to link text, specifically keywords you are trying to rank for, to a specific URL.  Ultimately, it will depend on the website you are publishing to and your intention whether or not you will use this HTML code or simply type in the web address beginning with http://.

Now that you know how to technically create a link, you may also want to know where to get links from.  You already know that how well you rank in Google depends on the number of quality links you have pointing to your site, but outside of web properties that we control we don’t have to wait passively for others to link to us.  The good news is we can control the number of links we get and therefore, can control how well we rank in the search engines.

The simple answer is, place links on sites that allow links.  The easiest places to create links are on forums that allow you to create profiles for free.  After you have created your profile you can update your signature file with a link pointing to any site you desire and then every time you comment on the forum, your signature will show up at the bottom of your post and there you go.  You just created one backlink.

You can also list your website in free web directories.  All they ask is for you to fill out some information about your site so it’s a very easy way to generate links.

If you like writing, write an article of approximately five hundred words and submit it to free article directories like and  Ezine Articles will only let you publish articles that are not found anywhere else on the web but all the other directories I use don’t care if the articles are duplicates.  It may be a little more advanced than the topic of this post but since Google’s Panda update, duplicate content found around the Internet all linking back to you don’t get counted toward your SEO efforts.  That’s where article spinners come in handy.  Again, something you don’t need to worry about just yet but nevertheless should be aware of.

So now you know how to link build and places to get links from.  Lastly, a quick congratulations to you for continuing your online professional education.  Nothing could provide you with a better return on investment.  Keep it up.