Dan Kennedy’s newsletter comes in the mail once a month and I can’t wait to get at it and comb through it for gold nuggets to be used in my life.

Let’s get right to the key points to remember from the October 2011 issue.

Google using direct mail to attract new customers. Doesn’t that tell you something when even the company that dominates, owns the internet doesn’t use the internet exclusively for their marketing?

Recent issue of Target Marketing pointed to a study that showing that young adults do, in fact, respond better to print.

Do what works not what is popular. Make your decisions based on evidence.

Are you basing your decisions on ‘monkey see, monkey do’, fads, peer pressure, hype or are you using hard factual information or methodical testing?

“Commitment to truth-getting and truth-telling bears very real cost. The habit if insisting on and, when need be, investing in getting to the truth and then acting based on it, about everything, can make you very rich.”

No BS has a smaller market than BS. There is a much bigger, more hungry audience for BS.

To succeed in a down economy, there is no room and must be zero tolerance for “waste, fraud, abuse, stupidity, squandered leads, lost customers….”