Everyone who wants to sell anything online should begin with affiliate marketing, selling others peoples’ stuff before you create your own.

In my opinion, creating a product, whether it’s a physical or information product, and successfully selling that product is impossible if you don’t know the market you are serving.  And I don’t just mean know them like know who they are demographically.  I’m talking about a deep knowing of what they want and how much they are willing to pay for it.  I guess you can find this out without selling someone else’s product to them but there are other benefits to affiliate marketing.

If done the right way, you will begin to build a list of buyers which is worth a fortune.  These are people who have spend money with you in the past so how hard do you think it will be to sell them your product or any other product if you’ve treated them right in the past and they already know who you are and trust you?  Not very hard.

So make some money, learn the market and build a highly responsive list of buyers.  What more can I say?

The course that got me started in AM was Super Affiliate Master Class.  I first met James Schramko, well got to know him by studying one of his courses, when I bought the course Traffic Grab.  This guy is a class act.  Even if I was not an affiliate of his I would say the same thing.  When I was looking for a course to teach me affiliate marketing I went to James’ website to see if he had anything to offer because he always gives everything that he has, not holding anything back, is a super affiliate himself, and prices his products very reasonably.  I highly recommend anything that he puts out.