New changes at Google have put one of my favorite tools, the way we know it today, at risk.

The best part of Market Samurai is that it is a one-time paid tool, not a monthly subscription service like so many other online tools and services out there.

Lately, a bunch of features in Market Samurai have been completely down because of the inability yo retrieve results from Google.  The biggest module that was affected was also the most used, Rank Tracker.

In a statement on their website, the company says that they may have to move to a subscription-based model, at least for the Rank Tracker feature.

In order to continue to perform millions of Google searches on a daily basis, Noble Samurai may have to partner with Raven Tools, or another similar company, to get use of their rank tracking technologies.  Unfortunately, this is expensive and the reason they may have to pass on the monthly cost to us, the end user.

So far I have been using Market Samurai for over a year and a half and this company updates their software just about weekly.  They also offer full refunds to anyone who is unhappy with their tools, regardless of how long the customer has been with Noble Samurai (that’s how I understood the language in the recent blog post but it just sound unbelievable).

I have full confidence that they will get everything back up an running in the next day or two.  If we will be paying monthly for the service, we must wait and see.