Today I published a new page on for our Mobile-Friendly Law Firm Website Solution (making existing law firm websites mobile friendly and designing brand new websites that are mobile-friendly).

I also published a page about our Blogging Solution here.

Right now it’s in the top navigation under Solutions but it’s more of a native ad article than a Solutions page.

I started driving Twitter traffic to this page via promoted tweet. This is my first time using the service. I’m curious to see how it works out.

I’m in a competitive market right now, I understand that. And we are the new kid on the block.

It only takes one cool kid to like us and then the rest will accept us.

Two big firms and a few other high quality law firms are already Platinum Clients. Now we have to leverage those to attract bigger firms (and more firms).

I must push that forward along with delegating finding power.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, May 5th.
My goals for the day.
I intend to:
…Blast through the rest of the solutions pages.
…Straighten out finances btwn NT and AL.
…Follow up with AH.
…Share WKW pages – use new accounts where necessary and give to Colin to add to feeds.
…Start working on angle pieces (for native ads) to sell each Solution.
…If I get everything else done, work on Soap Opera Series.
…Play hoops at night.

Questions to keep in mind throughout the day.
What shall I focus on right now?
How shall I feel right now?

I shall focus on getting setup so I can focus my efforts on building relationships/making friends.

I shall feel focused like a machine. I have a list of things to accomplish and I will do so with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.