I have to get back to basics. I must focus most of my time on building relationships with an ever-growing email list.

Right now I’m focusing a lot of time on social media and blogging. Which is great but it’s making me feel a little overwhelmed and not focused.

Frank Kern has a few go-to moves that work and he forgets about the rest. I’m not exactly like that because I actually want to build a successful publishing business. 

How am I going to get back to focusing on what matters most?

First, I’m not sure if content curation should be a big part of our strategy at the beginning.

What am I doing it for?

The one big benefit is link bait and getting the attention of legal marketing professionals.

Our perfect clients have Marketing Directors so it makes sense to develop content that will help them market their practices.

The second huge benefit of content syndication is we get to pixel every single person that visits our website. That’s the real name of the game… How many people we can pixel.

But the big sites like DM and CMI create all their own original content. But they use outside authors that link off of those sites. It’s the same thing as content citation from that regard. It’s only a matter of people staying on a site a little longer to read a full article compared to reading a summary and then leaving.

The latter still gets us what we’re looking for – pixels and downloads.

Perhaps higher time on site leads to more downloads… but I don’t think it makes a huge difference. Our curated content won’t make up all of the content on our site anyway and I will usually add my two cents as well.

So I will continue to pursue curating and posting every day. But I must get the foundational setup out of the way before hyper-blogging.

Let’s get set up for that by adding fb and Google tracking pixels (adroll and twitter too if possible).

Then I finalize the soap opera welcome sequence.

Then I intend to focus all my content around our free report. Excerpts, summaries, repurposed into different formats, supplemental material, etc. All of it will drive people to download the report.

I can then syndicate each of my articles out to LinkedIn and my LMA blog.

Just keep on writing. Nothing but good can come out of it.

Other super important marketing processes that come to mind are a client newsletter and an in-house newsletter or news brief.

As long as I keep writing our results will continue to grow and grow.

Back to work and less doing everything. FOCUS!