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401, 2012

How To Set Up a Website

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Beginner Lesson for Those Who Have Never Created Their Own Website
No one talks about this because we, as “computer people,” take it for granted.  The fact still remains that a big percentage of small business owners don’t even have a website!  Let’s help as many of these people get online as possible.

With WordPress, there really is no excuse anymore.  Before WordPress, or BW, I used to here things like, “Who am I going to hire to create a website for me because my cousin (insert brother, nephew, son, daughter…) is taking forever and I still don’t have a website?”

Or “I […]

3012, 2011

By Gary Vaynerchuk in Crush It

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“Any company that clamps down on its best talent and doesn’t allow them to talk to the public is holding that talent back from where the business world is going, and you don’t want to be left behind.”

I could not agree more. For me, not being able to have a personal voice, separate from the corporation you work for is too big a price to pay.

Keep your money. I’ll keep my voice!

3012, 2011

In Business, Only the Real Survive

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What’s your story?

Are you a real person or someone hiding behind a computer or behind a brand?

Those trying to keep their image squeeky clean, censoring what is shown to the public will suffer.

People follow people and they want to get to know the person they are doing business with.

You can have the greatest product of all time but if you focus on the technical make up of the product alone, it probably won’t sell very well.

I don’t care who you sell to, people have and always will buy emotionally, not logically.

I can hear you […]

1812, 2011

Today’s Gold Nuggets That Will Help You Make More Money and Grow Your Business

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From the December 2011 Dan Kennedy’s No BS Marketing Letter:
We have gotten lazy as business owners through the good times when money came easy. We are now forced to work smarter and to eliminate any kind of waste in our businesses.
Another two nuggets from the same source:
1.  There is ALWAYS more money in your database than you can’t think of ways of pulling it out and
2.  If something works, keep doing it till it stops. You’ll get bored with your marketing faster than your market does.
From Dan Kennedy’s book, Ultimate Marketing Plan:
The importance of a USP, or […]

1212, 2011

The Mini Conglomerate Theory

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“This kind of “cross-fertilization,” done carefully and intelligently, on a big or small scale, can make your business more profitable and a lot more fun. This is the way to create a big income out of a small business.” (From Dan Kennedy’s No BS Business Success in the New Economy, page 223)
I will explain soon but for now, since losing the entire blog post due to the WordPress app on my Android phone crashing before hitting publish, I have a different idea.
What does this quote mean to you?  What businesses can you think of that embody the Mini Conglomerate […]

212, 2011

November 30, 2011: Greek Restaurants Mamaroneck, White Plains

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Niko and George Kringas are pleased to announce that their partnership interest in Nemea Greek Taverna has been purchased by the remaining partners of Nemea Greek Taverna, which allows the Kringases to return to Niko’s Greek Taverna.

Niko, his brother George, mother Voula, and father Peter will continue to bring guests of Niko’s Taverna the real Greek experience of great company and excellent food made from the finest ingredients on earth.

To your health.

Contact info:
Niko @nickkringas
Chef George Kringas @greekculinary


1911, 2011

Derek Redmond Video: Perserverence

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811, 2011

Video Marketing Resources

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“..according to a recent Forrester Research study, videos are 53 times more likely to generate a first-page ranking than traditional SEO techniques” Michael Mothner for

Great articles and posts:
8 Ways to Optimize Video Content for Search

Syndication and Automation Tools:
Traffic Geyser

811, 2011

What I Think of Groupon and Living Social

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To discount or not to discount? STAY AWAY

811, 2011

Inc 500 Explains How to Use Google Places

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Great article over at showing a detailed explanation of Google Places and how to use it to market your small business