In the first report in Rich Schefren’s Founders’ Club, called Your Business Blueprint, I went through a few exercises that I thought were great.

The first one was to write down all the things that I do not want in my life.  Rich instructed to write down whatever came to mind without thinking too much about it or spending too much time on it.

Things like “I don’t want to argue with my wife” and “I don’t want to worry about money” are things that go in this section.

He explained that we are much more familiar with the things that we don’t want because we spend a lot more time in this area than on the things that we do actually want.

The next section is on the things that we do want in our lives.

Things like “I want a house in Hollywood, California” and “I want to send my kids to such and such school” will go in this section.

The last part of the exercise is where we can describe our ideal day.  Life is made up of a collection of days so I found this exercise to be super powerful.  After laying out what I would do each and every hour of a regular day in my life and then reviewing this description every day has made my mind super focused on manifesting this into my reality.

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