Tomorrow I shall focus on…

Online (offline too but not nerely as much), it’s all about proof.

Prove to Google that you are worthy of its traffic.

Prove to visitors that they should listen to you, hire you, give you a second of their time, an ounce of their attention.

I also want to focus on Operation DS which is not directly about proof. But we can make it about proof if we use it to show prospective clients that we are way ahead of anything else they’ve seen on the market.

That part of SEO excites me more than anything because that’s the way the web was intended to work.

This blog is for my free – writing thoughts so it’s a bit less organized and backed by proof than I’d like.

On ApricotLaw’s blog, a B2B site, I’d like everything there to be backed by facts, well researched and well defended.

Moving forward, I will need a better way to get the data for each blog post. I will publish less “last minute” posts that have not gone through a process before going live on the site.

Back to proof…
We can add testimonials, as-seen-on icons, ranking reports, case studies, before and after shots, new page one rankings, new number one rankings, etc.

I need to develop a solid blogging process that can be partially delegated.

If I prepare properly I can quickly crank out amazing blog posts every day of the week.

What am I going to do about syndicating entire articles? I see it done all the time but I don’t know how much of an effect it has rankings if any.

…Weekly meeting
…Discuss Operation DS with CD
…Write blog posts for the week
…Write about our attractive character and work on our soap opera emails
…Play hoops
…Get mockup for TPS, otherwise, get something up asap
…Setup accounts for TPS
…Cut unnecessary hosting costs
…Renew keepers

NUMBER 1 priority for me tomorrow is:
Writing and marketing AL

The 3 projects I’d like to move forward tomorrow are:
TPS web design
AL writing (set up free report reverse squeezes, soap opera series)
Weekly meeting, build the vision, discuss ODS and put into motion