Today, we finally pulled the trigger at my family’s restaurant and updated our website.  We had been thinking about it for a while but were hesitant to pay a designer a few thousand bucks to build a custom site and there are not that many out there (not locally anyway) that are good at building WordPress websites.

I can build websites on my own by plugging in a WordPress theme, of course, but hadn’t found any themes that fit what were were looking for.  The restaurant themes that I had toyed with in the past were kind of crappy.

Today, for the heck of it, just before our weekly family meeting, I searched Google for premium wordpress themes for restaurants and found one theme that I really liked.

Well, a few hours and $45 later we have a new website.  And I love it!

What did we do before WordPress?

Now with a little time and less that $100 you can build your own, fancy website and the best part is, you can update it yourself whenever you want.

I am willing to quickly put together a quick WordPress site for you if you really don’t want to get into it on your own.  Just shoot me an email and I will be glad to help.

If you are curious about the new site, take a look:  I will be moving it over to the root domain (without the /yasoublog) in a few days once I am happy with the navigation.

Until next time….