I finished an excellent content piece to promote our LawBlogr solution.

It has a list which is always good.

It provides great value.

The list is a list of benefits that actually sold me on the service.

It’s a common problem in the market.

Everyone knows the benefits. These simply build on that knowledge.

The benefits almost agitate the problem because they already know they should be blogging but they will never do it.

By the end they will be thinking, “If only someone could do this for me with the same quality as if I did it myself.”

And that’s when I will present the solution.

It’s the perfect solution for a major problem that affects many business owners.

Another great part about today was I got to eat a nice lunch with G-Pap at Niko’s.

Avengers, Age of Ultron, is coming out tomorrow. The way Marvel (and therefore, Disney) used Agents of Shield to build up to this movie was one of the most brilliant marketing strategies I have ever witnessed.

And the thing that was dragging on me for the past few weeks, temporarily went away on its own. Crisis averted for now.

The biggest boxing fight ever is happening on Saturday. Another brilliant marketing strategy, this one played out by Floyd Money Mayweather.

We bought ourselves a little more time to find a new grill person at Niko’s because the current guy said he won’t leave until we do so. Relief.

Now I can get back to focusing on my unique ability and building ApricotLaw.