For the past couple of days, I’ve noticed that it’s been taking the big G a long time to index or at least say that it has counted my backlinks.

I know that I’ve been shooting a good number of backlinks towards a specific site using SENuke X and a few other tools but there was no sign that those links were being crawled by the search engine spiders.

I then remembered a tool that I bought about a year ago and the creator of it saying that it was made to solve my specific problem, go figure.  I then tracked down the plugin zip file that was buried deep in my computer, dusted it off, read the user manual again, set it up on a domain that I don’t really use too much and hit GO.


I forgot how awesome this thing was and not sure why I stopped using it in the first place.

What it does is autopost scraped content from RSS Feeds that you provide (or conveniently supplied to you for an extra fee), enter the login information for up to 9 web 2.0 sites like posterous, multiply,, blogger, etc, paste urls of links that you want “energized” and follow a few other instructions and as they say “set it and forget it.”

After that it posts to your Link Wheel with links pointing to where ever you want them.

Steve Aylor, the creator of BE, says that after performing exhaustive testing, links that were not energized were only indexed 30 out of 150 times and links that were energized by the plugin were indexed and cached (he says that’s important too) 133 out of 150 times!

So, I figured I am paying all this money for links in the form of monthly subscription fees and my time and most of them aren’t even getting counted.  For $47, it’s a great value that boosts the effectiveness of the other tools and link building software in your arsenal.

I also wrote a review about this plugin when I first bought it and posted it on another site.  I will be going back over that post and upgrading it with the results from my latest testing.

You can see that review here: Backlink Energizer Review


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