Yesterday I got an email from a twitter follower and thought he raised some common questions shared by many so I decided to share my response here, on my blog.

I won’t copy and paste his email verbatim but here are his three questions:

He asked me if 1. I do my own link building, 2. how do I get SEO clients and 3. what other web 2.0 sites, besides Facebook and Twitter, do I use to promote myself.


Here was my response:

Hey Eric,
Thanks for the email.

1. Yes I do my own link building.
2. I attract clients by giving out my business card at events….

The key to marketing any biz is as Dan Kennedy says, all about the herd.

Building a list of subscribers and developing a relationship with those people by providing valuable content, preferably a newsletter.

3. Only sites you need are your own blog, where you can collect emails, all traffic gets directed there.
Fb, Twitter and YouTube.

I am coming out with a report about SEO in the next couple of days and will have it up on my site.  You should read it.

If you really want to get into SEO you need to start by optimizing a site on your own to be able to show a prospect proof, any proof that you know what you’re doing before they pay you hundreds or thousands per month automatically on their credit card.

If you are still interested, let me know because I am willing to help you.


Because I think it would make good content on my blog, there’s a bunch of people like you out there so we can share your progress….


My quick thoughts afterwards

The very end of my response sounded very selfish in hindsight but I decided not to edit it.  I sent it just like that so, whatever.  I do need content for the blog and I do think if we have further conversations, sharing my responses will be helpful to others.

I also think that should be a lesson to you about creating content.  The fact is, SEO requires a ton of fresh content, preferably delivered daily, so always be on the looking for ideas and any content that can be shared and be helpful to your audience, by all means write it down, clean it up and share.


If you have a question for me, shoot me an email.  If I think it is common enough, I will share my response with the rest of the crew.

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