Best Link Building Software

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In this case study we attempt to find out which is the best link building software.  The battle is between SEO Link Monster and SENuke X.  Yes, these are two very different softwares but they are used for the same thing, to generate backlinks in order to improve our Google rankings and get more free traffic from the search engines.

So, which one should you invest your $160 per month on if you had to choose?

SEO Link Monster is the undetectable SEO network created by Dori Friend and the Callen brothers, experienced veterans in Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.  What they offer is access to their network in which they will distribute your articles and blog posts, generating tons of high quality links every day so that you can rank for any keyword you want.

SENuke X is the all in one automated SEO tool that will do a ton of grueling SEO tasks for you.  It will create accounts, solve captcha codes, syndicate articles to their article directors, create forum profile links, social bookmark, post content to social networks, index your links and much more.  I’ve been saying for a long time that if you were to invest in one tool that SENuke would have to be the one.

Now with the introduction of SEO Link Monster, I’m not so sure.  What we are really testing here is high quality links from aged, quality blogs compared to lower quality links created without much human involvement at all.

This should be interesting.  Let’s see who takes the crown!!

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