I don’t believe in coincidences so I knew there was a reason or something happening in my life that caused me to hear the same message from three or four different sources over the past couple of days.

The message was about streamlining not only the buying process but about cutting the fat in everything that I do.

In marketing, we often have too broad a focus and many times suffer from information overload.  With all the options out there, what should I being doing with my time that will create the biggest results in the shortest amount of time.

Something that Brian Tracy said that hit me like a ton of bricks was about looking at every step of your business or everything that you do in a process and trying to cut that process down from start to finish to the shortest amount possible.  He then gave an example of a company that was building war ships that one time took them over 2 years to build.  By looking at every step in the process, eliminating steps, and refining steps this company was then able to build the same ships in less than a month’s time!

That reminded me of the process at the restaurant from when the guest orders food to the time it is delivered to their table and how we naturally have a goal of cutting that time down for every single item on our menu.  We already have our focus in the right place there because frankly, the pressure from the customer waiting for the food.  Nothing like a hungry person to help you streamline your processes.

In marketing and Internet marketing it should be no different.  Every step should be drawn out and simplified, from where that website visitor came from (which other website or which keyword phrases he typed into Google) to your first free offer to that person to get on your list to the email sequences and the delivery of information to that customer.  In other words, getting that one customer, prospect or guest from just visiting to engaged to subscriber to raving fan.

That’s where my focus is today.

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