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Their subscriber count is close to, if not over, one million strong so you know they deliver value.

One thing I picked up that I have developed into a daily success habit came from a video leading up to a product launch that they were doing.

Every day, I write in my journal a few lines about each of the following: G, O, Did, Do, App.  These call letters stand for Grateful, Opportunity, Did, Do and Appreciation.

Let me take a quick minute to explain each.

  • Grateful is what you are thankful for that day.
  • Opportunity is where you list all the opportunities that you were presented with that day.  This doesn’t seem that important at first glance but after a few days of doing this you will realize that you have become more sensitive to opportunities and you will simply be more alert for them as you go through your day.
  • Did is all the things that you accomplished that day.
  • Do is what you plan on accomplishing the following day.
  • Lastly, appreciation is where you list all the people you appreciate and why.

In addition to this daily journaling exercise, I also read the chapter titles of two books provided in a convenient PDF by the people at ETR, a list of my rules to live by and an afformation I have written describing my vision for the next ten years of my life.

Do you have a routine that you go through every morning or every night?  Any daily success habits that you think are powerful?  I would love to hear what they are so take one minute and leave a comment below…