The Newsletter

For some reason, something magical happens when you publish something. People love it and for some crazy reason they see you as more of an authority.

I handle the marketing for my family’s restaurant and nothing gets a better response than the newsletter.

I emailed the latest digital version out at the beginning of January and again a few days later to all the people who did not open the email the first time (a little Internet marketing tip I picked up from Ryan Deiss).

The total number of people on our list is just over 800 and after 2 emails, 26% of the recipients clicked the link in the email to read the newsletter.

That’s over 200 people that showed enough interest to click a link inside an email.

I also received four separate emails from people saying how much they liked the newsletter and saying how they can’t wait to come in to eat at the restaurant soon.

To top it off, a number of guests have gotten up from their tables to tell my dad (who runs the dining room) that they were there because of the newsletter.

Good thing too because if my dad doesnt see some kind of proof that what I am doing is working, he would be all over me to stop wasting my time.  He’s tough to work with sometimes.

Moving forward, this week I am going to print it out, all four pages, and put one in each guest’s check book at the end of their meal.  For maximum reach, I will also mail it out to the people who provided their home address.

Even a “canned” newsletter is better than nothing but write it yourself if possible.

Also, put some personality into it. Don’t think the whole thing has to be about your product or service. Believe it or not, people want to hear about you and your life outside of business.  The personal stories are what get people talking and what get people to know, like and trust you, which is the whole point.

You can download the Niko’s Family Newsletter by clicking here: Restaurant Newsletter

Leave a comment, let me know why you think it gets such a good response from our subscribers and more importantly, how you think I can improve it next month.