It’s Friday, already.

This week was good.

My New Company’s Progress

SEO Spartan, my new company, is in its infancy so I’ve been focusing all my efforts on getting it off the ground and acquiring the critical mass of clients needed to turn that ever-important profit.  Anyone who has ever started a business knows that there is an endless list of things to do so keeping my focus on the number one priority – selling – especially as a one-man show, at the moment, has been a challenge.

Right now, I am just about finished with a Special Report about how to get your website on Page One of all the major search engines that should be available to the public early next week.  It’s about thirty pages long and counting and contains three parts.  Part One is an overview of SEO and how it works.  Part Two covers about fifteen different things you can do to improve your rank in Google.  And lastly, Part Three covers some tools you can use to automate the process.

Look out for that Report next week.

Frank Kern’s State of the Internet Address

For those of you who don’t know, Kern is the creator of my favorite Internet Marketing Training Course so far, Mass Control.

During the week I listened to Frank Kern’s State of the Internet Address where he explained that Marketers have their focus backwards these days, focusing the great majority of their time and efforts on technology, then marketing, and the smallest portion devoted to their product.

He makes a very compelling case as to why this should be reversed, saying that if your product adds value to your client’s life and is offered at the right time, it practically sells itself.

I couldn’t agree more.  Focus on adding value, above all else.

So in oder of importance, here are the priorities

  • Value-adding product or service
  • Marketing
  • Technology

Experts Academy by Brendan Burchard

I closely watched the sales process of Brendan Burchard this week as he opened up his Experts Academy Training for the second time.

Brendan is the New York Times Best Selling Author of the Millionaire Messenger and went from 0 to $4.6 million in about 24 months.

He put out 3 information packed 45 minute long videos, in sequence, leading up to the launch date.  Here are some of the highlights:

He broke down how many sales you would need to make in four different info-delivery methods in order to reach the $1 million mark.  The four methods were monthly membership site or educational program, live seminar, dvd training course, and intimate coaching.  The number of sales he gave for each at a reasonable price point were not very daunting at all.  I didn’t say it would be easy but we’re talking about a few hundred buyers of each media.

His story was the most memorable out of all the things he shared on the videos.  He said that he was dead broke only a few years ago and had to move in with his girlfriend in her tiny apartment.  He had this little desk set up right next to their bed and would have papers and bills laid out on the bed as he worked.  One night, as he was working on his book, his girlfriend slid under the covers and fell asleep.  Brendan looked over and noticed that his girlfriend was actually sleeping under the weight of his bills.  That was the moment that changed his life.

If your why is big enough, you can accomplish anything.

Mine is to move into a house in Westchester County and to send our daughters to a specific public school that we like.  That’s what gets me up early and keeps me up late.