From the December 2011 Dan Kennedy’s No BS Marketing Letter:

We have gotten lazy as business owners through the good times when money came easy. We are now forced to work smarter and to eliminate any kind of waste in our businesses.

Another two nuggets from the same source:

1.  There is ALWAYS more money in your database than you can’t think of ways of pulling it out and
2.  If something works, keep doing it till it stops. You’ll get bored with your marketing faster than your market does.

From Dan Kennedy’s book, Ultimate Marketing Plan:

The importance of a USP, or Unique Selling Proposition, to any business.
Dan’s long time favorite USP is from the early days of Dominos Pizza where they guarantee to deliver fresh, hot pizza in 30 minutes or less.
Spend some time thinking about what differentiates you from your competition and why a prospects would choose you over anyone else.
This activity will pay off handsomely.

So today’s gold nuggets were USP, work on your database, do more of what’s working, and don’t get lazy during the good times and don’t complain when you all of a sudden have to sharpen your axe and get to work.