Add to the list:
… Add internal linking to
… Research As Seen On icons
… Spend time on JM’s site
… Delegate Power Search (incentivize?)
… Complete Solutions pages
… SEO for legal directories page

How are we going to get in front of hundreds of firms with 5 or more attorneys, and preferably a Marketing Manager, in the shortest amount of time possible? 

I sort of already know the answer.

Keep doing what you’re doing.

Is tweeting every hour worth the effort?
If our goal is to build a huge, responsive Twitter following, then yes it is.

But our goal should be to build our email list as quickly as possible, not our twitter list.

It sounds counter-intuitive but I feel as though Twitter is to form and develop relationships. Which can, in turn, lead to a big pile of email subscribers all at once. If we meet the right people, of course.