When trying to build a business on the Internet, why is it that many of us complicate things and forget everything we learned in the offline business world?

My family’s restaurant was successful because we used our natural strengths of cooking and hospitality and filled a specific need of our local market because there was only one other Greek restaurant open at the time.

Online, it is amazing how many of us jump in with no knowledge of the market.  We just jump from tactic to tactic and never think of filling a need or using our natural talents and developed strengths.

What makes this amazing is that there is no easier place than online to legally spy on other websites and blogs and to copy what they do successfully.

With all the available information online, you can get a clear picture of who your customer is, what they want and what they are willing to spend money on.

With a little research you can also get clues of needs that have not been fully met.  This is where you can come in and build a business that does well right out of the gate.

I know you hear that the Internet is saturated and that there are not niches that have not been served but that’s just small thinking.

Regardless of what you think of the Internet and of your chances of success online, it will do you tremendous good to brainstorm regularly and to ask yourself, “What specific thing can I do better than anyone else in the whole world?”  “What one thing done in my own unique way can I consider my greatest God-given talent?”  And “How can I use my talent and strength to serve humanity and to satisfy a unique need of a market?”

Deepak Chopra, in the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, says that this is where all abundance comes from!  Find this match of talent and need and money will flow to you in large amounts.