I am always very careful when using automated Search Engine Optimization tools and software so today was no different.

I decided to get out of the house today and head over to Starbucks for a few hours.  Sometimes, when I work from home I need to remember to get out or the whole day can get away from me.  Yesterday, I was writing for hours and hours before I realized it was dark out.  I lose myself online, what can I say.

Anyway, I was at the coffee shop for just under two hours and got a bunch of SEO link-building work done.

Tools used were, Traffic Geyser, Linkbounder, and SENukeX.

1. First I took an original article and spun the title, first and second paragraphs of the body, and also the resource or author box.

2. I then run the the articles through Linkbounder which is a tool that pretty much makes it easier to manually submit articles to article directories.  It auto populates a different version of your article into the submission boxes, every time you open up an new directory from within the software.

3. Created a bunch of new profiles on different websites to be used in the near future inside of Traffic Geyser.  They offer to create profiles for you for around $100 but I wanted to do it myself this time.  I also intended to show my wife how to open up new accounts around the web so that she could take on some of the more tedious tasks of SEO.

4. Used SENuke carefully to point some links at my articles on sites other than my own.  I rarely like to point links toward my “money” sites, sites that I own and care most about, because it leaves an obvious trail of what I am doing and also doesn’t look very professional when these links are meant for the Search Engine spiders, not human web surfers.

Tomorrow, maybe I will leave a few comments on blogs if I find something that inspires me.

I would also like to show more proof of my skills on seospartan.com to clean up the sales letter and make it more presentable to people who land there.

Ok peeps, until next time!

Before you go, remember to leave me a comment and let me know you’re alive!