As you should know by now, I handle the marketing at my family’s restaurant, Niko’s Taverna in White Plains, New York.

Although I believe you can use this strategy in your business no matter what industry you are in, using photos in a restaurant’s marketing plan is an obvious no brainer.

Quality pictures of food make me hungry as I’m sure is the same for others.

This strategy also has search engine optimization value online, because your properly titled photos give online searchers one more way to find you.

So this is what I did.

I took my Canon EOS Rebel T1i into the restaurant last night and took as many shots of the food as it was going out of the kitchen as I could.

Then, I uploaded the photos to my Flickr account under a new photoset called Greek Restaurant Food Photos, a keyword rich phrase.

The plan is to stream all the photos from that photoset automatically to our WordPress website.  The site is currently being rebuilt so this step will be completed in a few weeks.

The WordPress plugin I use for this is Awesome Flickr Gallery.  This allows you to type a short piece of code into the page and viola, the photos automatically appear and get updated on the website page called photos!  Success.

Don’t you love automation that makes your life easier?

Now everytime I upload photos to the Greek Restaurant Food Shots photoset in Flickr, they automatically show up on our site!  I can even use my Android phone to take photos and upload them right into the Flickr Android App in less than thirty seconds flat.

So in conclusion, all you need to use photos in your small business marketing plan are:

  • a camera, obviously
  • WordPress
  • a Flickr account
  • Awesome Flickr Gallery WordPress plugin


  • Cell phone with a camera and
  • Flickr app for your smartphone

Remember, a picture is worth……

Here are the photos posted using the plugin mentioned above:

[AFG_gallery id=’2′]

Let us know how you use photos in your in your business in the comments below.  Leave a link pointing to the photos if you’d like.